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With tutors set up across Europe and 1,000’s of students our members have lots to say about our products and services:

  • I’m now quite close to 20 students – Carl Stacey.
  • That’s now 20 students a week – Nick McCann.
  • I average a new pupil every week, unbelievable – Gerry Malloy
  • Since being with My Guitar Lessons my student count has increased dramatically. – Charlie Roberts.
  • I have successfully booked five new students, since joining 3 weeks ago. – Laura Sands.
  • Been with you only a week, and already got a lesson planned! – Timmy Sheehy.
  • I’ve got 5 people booked in for lessons so far in just 6 weeks. – John Baker
  • I now have over 30 students from you. – Ijeoma Erica Mbubaegbu
  • After one week I have just had my first lesson and have another 2 lessons booked in for next week – Joe Catterson
  • My Guitar Lessons have sent me so many students I can not take any more on! – Brendan Ware
  • Not only have I received many students through MGL but also great recognition and respect when students found me on an international platform. – Steven Badiger (Based in India).
  • With lots of knowledge and help from the team at My Guitar Lessons they really have carved a path for students to find me. – Charlie Roberts.
  • Just 1 week after my training and I have 3 students – Phil Gallagher.
  • In just 3 Months I’m teaching 7 and got 2 more waiting to start – Sam Dick
  • I’m up to seven students in 3 Months. – Keith Dugard.
  • I honestly cannot believe how many enquiries I’ve had from the website. It’s crazy! – Sam Wickens
  • I have 15 students in the first 3 months! – Bren Ware
  • I had my training with you 2 days ago and already I’ve had 2 enquiries. – Tony L Miles
  • I’ve been singing your praises to potential guitar tutors who have called about teaching with you, and I would recommend them to anybody! – Stuart Kennedy.
  • I’ve been on a day and already got an enquiry! – Alex Gaskell
  • Had 4 guitar students in one week of joining! – Daniel Jones
  • With close to 50 regular students I am currently in a position where I am envisaging becoming a full time guitar teacher. – Shoi Sen.
  • Have 7 students; in just one Month of joining! – Sam Russell
  • I am constantly at the top of the Google listings for guitar lessons in my area. – Brendan Ware.
  • Just answered 3 enquiries already! One chap wants to book 6 months lessons for his son. – Stephen White
  • I’ve only been up and running a month, but I have three students already! – Keith Dugard.
  • After only four months I have 11 students with enquiries coming in on a regular basis. – Andy Robinson
  • Your service is really good and I really appreciate you sending the students through. – Juan Valderama
  • Thanks to you and your marketing strategy , I have more pupils than ever. – Gerry Malloy
  • You’ve been really supportive and the teaching material is great. – Stu Kennedy
  • The website helped me to get students almost instantly. – Sam Dick
  • I could not have got in as many students without your assistance. – Steve Weyman
  • If music teaching is something you really want to do, then there is no reason why you can’t be successful with the help of these guys. – Neil Wrobel
  • I started with you 4 months ago and I have several hours a week of regular teaching and I get many new enquiries a month. – Sam Russell
  • Worth every penny of my investment – Bren Ware
  • I would highly recommend My Guitar Lessons, they have been so helpful. – Laura Sands
  • I have added 13 new pupils and am now getting as busy as I have ever been. – Gerry Malloy.
  • The one to one help and advice that they offer is perfect for growing your business – Carl Stacey.

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