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So your new to playing the guitar or perhaps your an expert who wants to learn more? Here you will find many resources to use whether you are a beginner or an expert.


Beginners Guitar Guide By Ibanez UK And My Guitar Lessons

Buying A Guitar

Electric Or Acoustic Guitar – What Should I Buy?

Guide To All Guitar Accessories You Need

How To Choose A Great Guitar Teacher

Want To Know All About Guitar Pedals?

How To Make Your Guitar Sound Great

Get Your Band Ready For The Studio

Copyright Your Music

Legalities Of Gigging For Under 18 Musicians

Become A Better Guitarist

How To Get Attention From Record Labels

Guide To All Things Guitar & Music

How Old To Play A Full Sized Guitar?

Guide On Your Tax For A Guitar Teacher

Soundproofing Your Teaching Room


How To Hold A Guitar

How To Tune A Guitar

CAGED System For Guitar Part 1

CAGED System For Guitar Part 2

Reading Notation

Reading Tab

Warm Up Exercises

Fret Board Notes Lesson

Strumming Patterns

Learning New Scales On Guitar

Playing Chords On Guitar

Playing Open Chords For Beginners

Simple Chord Patterns

Start Playing Songs

The Cult – Love Removal Machine

String Bending Lesson

Improve Your Right Handed Technique

Blues Rhythm Lesson

The Memphis Scale

Play Like Guitarist Slash

How To Play Power Chords

Beginners Guide To Sweep Picking

How To Start Sweep Picking

Paul Gilbert VIP Lesson

The Circle Of Fifths Explained

Inverted Chords

Alternate Picking Exercises

Paul Gilbert Lesson For My Guitar Lessons

Major & Minor Triads

Pentatonic Blues & Rock Test

How To Achieve Perfect Pitch On The Guitar

Andy James 3 Notes Per String Lesson Tab

3 String Sweep Picking Guitar Exercises

Advanced Arpeggio’s

How To Teach Intervals

Advanced Tab Reading


Andy James Modes Crossed With Pentatonics

Ben Poole Sponsored By My Guitar Lessons

Albert Lee Talks About Playing With Little Richard And Jerry Lee Lewis

Chantel McGregor Bare Feet Video

Simon McBride Talks About Modes Mixed With Penatonics

Aynsley Lister Talks About His Blues Heroes

Ron Sayer Jr Talks About His Guitars

Andy James Talks To Us About His Amps

Chantel McGregor Tips For Beginners

Albert Lee Talks About Hamburg And Germany In The 60′s

Simon McBride Talks Exclusively To MGL About His Hendrix Amp

Chantel McGregor Approach To Pentatonics

Ron Sayer Jr On How To Escape From The Pentatonic Jail

Aynsley Lister Talks About His Pre-Gig Preparation

Andy James Joining Octave Licks And Scales

Albert Lee Talks About Taking Over The Guitar Role From James Burton

Simon McBride Talks About His Guitar Heroes

Aynsley Lister Talks About Playing Singular Notes

Andy James Using A Paul Gilbert Exercise

Albert Lee Talks To Us About Playing With Chris Farlowe

Chantel McGregor Talks About Her Guitar Heroes

Aynsley Lister Tells My Guitar Lessons About 3 Note Phrases

Simon McBride Talks About Starting To Play Guitar

Albert Lee Talks About Head, Hands And Feet And Trips To America

Chantel McGregor Guitarist Interview

Aynsley Lister Video About His Guitar

Simon McBride Talking About His Effect Pedals

Chantel McGregor Talks About Playing With Joe Bonamassa

Andy James Pentatonics On Two Strings

Albert Lee Talks About Playing With Joe Cocker

Andy James Talks To Us About His Brand New LTD 7 String Guitar

Aynsley Listers Talks About His Effects And Amps

Chantel McGregor Exclusive MGL Live Video

Albert Lee Tells Us How He Got To Own Claptons Infamous Les Paul

Andy James Video – Pedals


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