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Andy Reeves is a guitar tutor based in Dover, KENT

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Location Dover, KENT

I’m passionate about guitar having been playing for 40 years and love to share my knowledge of the instrument with students.

I teach Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar and Bass. I also do Instrument Setup and Repair and Custom Built Instruments.

All students catered for from kids/beginners to advanced with styles ranging from Blues, Rock, Indy, Pop, Metal and any other style of interest. Students can request specific songs or can learn the principles of their chosen guitar style.

Lessons start at £20 for half an hour and £30 per hour. Sessions can be as long as the student wants up to a maximum of 4 hours. Block bookings of 5 one hour lessons discounted at £25 per hour.

Student chooses which elements they want to learn and a teaching plan is developed. A fully equipped teaching studio is available or I can teach in your home.

Guitar Basics
– Instrument familiarity
– Stringing and Tuning
– Basic Chords and Song Structures
– Rhythm Styles
– Time Signatures
– Picking Techniques

Guitar Intermediate
– Barre Chords
– Power Chords
– Basic Runs and Scales
– Picking and Chord Extensions
– Basic Lead Techniques
– Amplifier Settings
– FX Settings and Signal Chain

Guitar Advanced
– Lead Techniques (Seep Picking, Legato, Tapping)
– Advanced Scales/Modes
– Altenative Picking Styles

Bass Basics
– Instrument familiarity
– Stringing and Tuning
– Root note Bass

Bass Intermediate
– Scales
– Basic Modes

Studio 1Studio 2Electric LessonAcoustic Lesson

Contact Andy Reeves

Location Dover, KENT

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