Jeremy Corbyn wins the leadership election 2015

Congratulations To Jeremy Corbyn On Election As New Labour Leader

September 12, 2015

My Guitar Lessons would like to wish Jeremy Corbyn well after winning the Labour leadership election with a landslide of almost 60% of the vote. However what will this mean for guitarists and guitar teachers in the future if Labour beat the Torries and he is put in to power at the next general election?

He has NO policies for helping musicians in anyway and seems to want to make cuts to the arts. Andy Burnham who was runner up was much more interested in musicians rights. Mr Burnham said before the election results where released this morning, “When I was Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport, I led on copyright extension; I know that more still needs to be done to address illegal downloading and piracy. I’m concerned that our creative industries are increasingly the preserve of the few, while arts funding cuts and the decline in music education take their toll. I will support music education, more apprenticeships in the creative sector and tackle unpaid internships”.

Watch this space!


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