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Are you Gonna Be My Girl – Jet Tabbed For Guitar

Great bluesy rock track from Jet. Its very rhythmic, so listen to the song a few times to get the timing right. There is lots of space for the vocals which is always a great thing to do in any song. The chords, particularly the A barre chord doesn’t need to be played in full, concentrate more...

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Bohemium Like You – Dandy Warhols guitar tab

Easy song to play, using barre chords and moving your pinkie within it. The Dandy Warhols where an Indie band from the 90’s and this is there only hit, but its a great song. If your unfamiliar with this very popular song give it a listen on You Tube first of all.

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John Lennon – Imagine Tab

After John Lennon left The Beatles he embarked on a solo career that gave him an even greater standing with his peers from what he had achieved in the past. Imagine was written on piano so here we have transposed it to guitar. Its best played with finger picking. Great song from a great artist.

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Word Up Tabbed For You To Teach Guitar

Great 80’s funk feel to this classic song from Cameo. Word Up has been covered by many bands in the past, but here is the original featuring its key of F#! Try adding the chord extension to breath life into the chorus. More guitar tab coming soon, so keep on coming back to My Guitar Lessons....

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Want To Play Like Stevie Ray Vaughan Or Paul Kasoff?

King Kings amazing guitarist shows us some SRV and Free licks that he picked up in his youth, and advises all guitar students learning to play the guitar to get to grips with this type of playing in their lessons. Many more top guitarist video’s available at

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Thomas Blug Gives Us Some Top Restringing Tips For Your Guitar

German guitar God Thomas Blug shows us some tricks about restringing your Fender Stratocaster guitar. For example do you know how many turns you should make on the machine head for each string? Thomas does, so see this video for the answer.