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Video – Who Are Stagg And What Do They Do.

Stagg are a major distributor of musical instruments like electric and acoustic guitars, drums, brass, woodwind and violins. Stagg is a brand dedicated to providing exceptional, affordable and reliable musical instruments and accessories to all levels of aspiring musicians. Established in Belgium...

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Line 6 Helix Effects Floor Unit With Ross Bailey

Video – Session guitarist Ross Bailey From Line 6 shows us the new Helix effects board and why its a big step up from other guitar effects units that are available out there. See more Line 6 Helix, and many other guitar video’s at

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Alan Nimmo King King Guitar Amps & Effect Pedals

Top blues guitarist Alan Nimmo talks exclusively to My Guitar Lessons about his Back line and effect pedals. See his set up and dial up his tones using this video. Keep logging into for more exclusive guitarist...

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Alan Nimmo King King Guitars

Alan Nimmo – guitarist with the band King King, discusses 3 of his favourite guitars including his 2 Gibson Les Pauls and his Fender Telecaster. These are all far from stock guitars and Alan explains how he came to own such amazing models and how he gets his signature blues/rock sound. More...

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Danny Bryant shows us his Blackstar Amp set-up and pedal board

Danny tells us all about his back line Blackstar HT50. He runs the amp on the gain channel only and uses the HTF allowing his to go from a Mesa Boogie through to a Marshall sound. He uses no pedals (yes really, see the video for proof) so uses purely the tone from the amp and his fingers. Watch and...

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Review Of The Roadie Automatic Guitar Tuner

One of our guitar teachers, Gerry Malloy from Winslow in Cheshire has reviewed some guitar gear for us. Here are his thoughts on the new Roadie Guitar Tuner. “A few weeks ago I came across a YouTube video of an automatic guitar tuner called “Roadie Guitar Tuner” (┬áHaving...

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George Gruhn Video – What to look for when buying a vintage guitar.

Vintage guitar specialist tells us what you need to look out for when buying a second hand guitar including warps, cracks, the truss rod, electronics and more. \See what George Gruhn from Gruhn Guitars tells us about getting your hands on an old guitar. More video’s from George to come so keep...

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Christmas Incentive For Guitar Shops To Sell More Guitars.

Guitar shops, want to sell more guitars to guitarists? Here is a great way to outstrip your competitors and online guitar retailers like Ebay and Amazon by offering a unique guitar teacher pack with each high end guitar you sell. We also have options for selling more drum kits, keyboards and piano’s....

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