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Exotic Scales In A tabbed for guitar

Many of these scales are used in classical and metal guitar playing. We have tabbed and noted them in the key of A, but they are transposable. Take your time with each one and gradually build up the speed. Lots of stretches and mainly 4 notes per string makes this a fast way to play modes.

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Everlong – Foo Fighters – Guitar Tabbed

Be aware this song is in drop ‘D’ which means you tune the low E string down to a D note. As with many Foo Fighters songs, the timing is not a standard 4/4, so we would advise you listen to the song first as the tab shows only the basic parts of the guitar. Do remember there are 3 guitars...

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Play Blondie Song With Guitar Tab

Iconic female fronted band from the 80’s ‘Blondie’ had many hits, but this one best shows their punk rock style. Mostly 2 fingered power chords or octave chords its relatively easy to play the rhythm. The solo is a tricky one, with chords and double stop bends intertwined into...

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Beginners Sweep Picking Guitar Lesson

To get really good at sweep picking you will need to practice an insane amount and we certainly suggest that you should use a metronome in. Initially go slowly with all of these exercises and use a metronome to increase the speed where possible. This first exercise needs to use dampened strings...

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Jazz Turnaround In George Benson Guitar Style

Simple little jazz progression in E that uses the 7th chord shape in many different area’s of the fretboard. Try a shuffle type rhythm with this and try picking with your fingers rather than with a pick. Now add your pickie to the mix to fill out the chords even more. You’ll also need...

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Change Keys Half Way Through An Arpeggio On Guitar

Arpeggio Superimposition is a great way to create melodies and to add additional notes to standard arpeggios. Lets use an Em9 for this exercise. A great arpeggio to play over this chord would be an E7th arpeggio. Now lets superimpose it with an F#m7 which is the 2nd degree of the Dorian mode. Here...

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Alex Hutchings Master Class Videos

My Guitar Lessons teachers and students recently attended a master class with the amazing Alex Hutchings who is the main Boss effect pedals demonstrator. He walked us through guitar techniques including progression tips, ways to escape the pentatonic scale and even guitar and amp setup. Here is a...

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Want To Play Like Stevie Ray Vaughan Or Paul Kasoff?

King Kings amazing guitarist shows us some SRV and Free licks that he picked up in his youth, and advises all guitar students learning to play the guitar to get to grips with this type of playing in their lessons. Many more top guitarist video’s available at

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Alan Nimmo King King Plays His Hit Song Feels Like Rain

See and hear close up how the fantastic guitarist Alan Nimmo plays Feels Like Rain. He also talks about the time he saw Buddy Guy play this song which gave him the inspiration to add it to King Kings set list. More King King video’s available at

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Alan Nimmo King King Guitar Techniques and scales

So how much does top guitar player Alan Nimmo from the band King King know about musical scales? In this video we put him to the test and ask him about the scales he uses on his albums and live gigs. More video’s of King King on our guitar teachers website by going to

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