Hutchins Guitars’ Shade II and Shade I models

Monday, March 20th, 2017

The Shade II  features a deceptively simple set-neck solid body that centres on tone. “So-called ‘student’ electrics were offered by most brands back in the fifties and sixties. Then, as now, high-line electrics were often out of reach of younger (or poorer) players,” explains the guitar maker. “The irony is that many of these ‘student’ guitars went on to become icons of the electric guitar world and were – and still are – used by numerous pros on mega-selling tours and recordings. It’s that rich legacy from where Hutchins takes its inspiration for its Shade II double-cut solid body.”

Also available now from the brands is its Shade I model

This guitar is a twin pickup, single-cut, tone-blender that Hutchins describes as “more than a little special”.

Like the double-cut Shade II, the Shade I has similar roots. It’s a throw-back to the simplistic, stripped down guitars that qualified as ‘student’ models back in the day. But despite its affordability, it edges into boutique custom territory by mixing up the classic guitar styles and materials, offering a much more grown-up sound.

“We make great looking guitars, pieces of art that you can play,” said the manufacturer. “Retro sexy is the idea behind the designs, these are modern guitars with a great sound and feel but with a nod to the classic designs of the past, especially the 1950s and 60s.

“The whole team are avid lovers of the guitar as a piece of art and an object of beauty, as well as a fantastic instrument for artistic expression.” Both models are available in a variety of finishes, including black, red and green.

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