Beginners Sweep Picking Guitar Lesson

To get really good at sweep picking you will need to practice an insane amount and we certainly suggest that you should use a metronome in. Initially go slowly with all of these exercises and use a metronome to increase the speed where possible. This first exercise needs to use dampened strings...

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Jazz Turnaround In George Benson Guitar Style

Simple little jazz progression in E that uses the 7th chord shape in many different area’s of the fretboard. Try a shuffle type rhythm with this and try picking with your fingers rather than with a pick. Now add your pickie to the mix to fill out the chords even more. You’ll also need...

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Aerosmith Guitar Tab For Teachers & Students To Learn

Here is a classic rock song from twin guitar band Aerosmith with Joe Perry and Brad Whitford. The intro is actually done on a sampler/keyboard, but we have shown you a way to get it pretty close on guitar. On the second part of the main section try using the pick on the D string and the fingers, simultaneously...

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Black Crowes – Hard To Handle Tabbed For Guitar Teachers

Fantastic upbeat bluesy rock from one of the finest rock bands of the 90’s The Black Crowes. Originally this song was penned by Otis Rush, but the Black Crowes version gave it a new lease of life. 2 guitars where used on the recording, here we show a stripped back version of the rhythm section,...

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Guitar Tab To Teach For Busted – Sleeping With The Light On

Fun song to play, with some fairly simple chords from the band Busted. On the recorded track they either tune their guitars up a semi tone, use a capo or they have sped up the tape to play higher than standard tuning. For ease we suggest that if you want to play along, use a capo on the first fret....

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Jazz Guitar Song – Minnie The Moocher Tabbed For Your Students

Great jazzy sounding song from the Blues Brothers movie. Its got a fun chorus where the audience can repeat back the words. Its all about the laid back feel to the shuffle rhythm that’s played in the verse and then this is contrasted by the upbeat chorus. Have a listen to the track on You...

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Pretty Woman by Roy Orbison Tabbed For Guitar Students

One of the most well known intros on guitar with this classic song, which is all about what you don’t play, as much as what you do. Just let the D note hang to build tension and suspense. We watched Roy playing this on guitar and suggest keeping your index down over the 2nd fret of the A and...

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Guitar Tab For The Foo Fighters – Best of You.

Another classic tune from Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters. Some great sounding chords here that are relatively easy to play. Here we have taken the main elements of Dave Grohls section on this track. You may need a distortion pedal to get the big overdriven guitar sound in the chorus. Good luck and...

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Learn To Play Misalou By Dick Dale – Tab For Guitar

Get ready for some fast alternate picking on this classic surfer song. We advise you pick nearer the bridge than normal for a more trebley sound. Listen to the song and you will hear that each note we have tabbed in picked several times, so the tab won’t tell you the picking, however we advise...

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Money Off For London Guitar Show

We have discounted tickets for this Years London Bass Guitar Show, taking place at Olympia, London 3rd – 4th March 2018. The show offers a range of features whether your a beginner or looking to expand your bass abilities. We run some great workshops and masterclasses which give visitors handy...

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School Music Teacher Wanted

We are currently looking for one of our tutors to teach in primary schools in Birmingham. The hours are Tuesdays and Thursdays 8:55-3:15. The rate of pay is £80 per day. If this is something you are interested in, we can give you some more information by emailing us at


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Guitar Teacher Work Available

My Guitar Lessons are helping to look for a guitar teacher for a school based in Suffolk. Its for after school sessions for 30 minutes per week 1 day a week, groups maybe with 3 to 4 children max for better learning. If this is something you could do can you let us know so we can pass on your details...

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Foo Fighters ‘Run’ Tabbed for guitar

We at My Guitar Lessons are BIG Foo Fighter fans and as you may know have tabbed out many of their top songs in the past. Well here is another. Heavy song from Dave Grohls ‘Foo Fighters’. Do remember there are 3 guitarists playing on the track so we have taken a generic main part for...

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Xmas Present – Slade Merry Christmas Everybody Guitar Music & Words

What better way to celebrate Christmas than to all sit around your turkey on Xmas Day and strike up a great festive song. And here’s one of the most well known of those Christmasy tunes from Slade – Merry Xmas Everyone. We have the guitar chords and the lyrics shown here so get the whole...

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Classic George Harrison Song Tabbed For You

George Harrison was the lead guitarist in The Beatles, however Eric Clapton played the solo on this amazing song. Really clever how it starts in a minor key and goes to a major in the chorus. Use the pinkie on the G note on the E string and the thumb on the F#.

Here’s the video we tabbed...

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