Adding 9ths to spice up open chord progressions

We all know that standard chords are triads – chords that contain 3 notes – the root, the 3rd and the 5th. To allow us to find the 9th note first of all we are going to play each open chord alphabetically – firstly with open major chords, then with open minors, so please play. Please download...

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Video – Who Are Stagg And What Do They Do.

Stagg are a major distributor of musical instruments like electric and acoustic guitars, drums, brass, woodwind and violins. Stagg is a brand dedicated to providing exceptional, affordable and reliable musical instruments and accessories to all levels of aspiring musicians. Established in Belgium...

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Line 6 Helix With Ross Bailey – Guitar Demonstator.

Guitarist Ross Bailey runs us through the session patches on the Line 6 Helix and shows us how to use the unit as a conventional pedal board. Some great playing and even better sounds from the new Line 6 effects modeller. More video’s from Line 6 at

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Line 6 Helix Effects Floor Unit With Ross Bailey

Video – Session guitarist Ross Bailey From Line 6 shows us the new Helix effects board and why its a big step up from other guitar effects units that are available out there. See more Line 6 Helix, and many other guitar video’s at

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Want To Play Like Stevie Ray Vaughan Or Paul Kasoff?

King Kings amazing guitarist shows us some SRV and Free licks that he picked up in his youth, and advises all guitar students learning to play the guitar to get to grips with this type of playing in their lessons. Many more top guitarist video’s available at

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Alan Nimmo King King Plays His Hit Song Feels Like Rain

See and hear close up how the fantastic guitarist Alan Nimmo plays Feels Like Rain. He also talks about the time he saw Buddy Guy play this song which gave him the inspiration to add it to King Kings set list. More King King video’s available at

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Alan Holdsworth Style Jazz Scale Guitar Lesson

In tribute to the death of the guitar legend Allan Holdsworth we have created some guitar exercises based around some of the jazz scales and chords Allan would play. Notice that most are 4 notes per string and some are symetrical scales, allowing you to play much faster without having to remember...

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Alan Nimmo King King Guitar Techniques and scales

So how much does top guitar player Alan Nimmo from the band King King know about musical scales? In this video we put him to the test and ask him about the scales he uses on his albums and live gigs. More video’s of King King on our guitar teachers website by going to

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Alan Nimmo King King Guitar Amps & Effect Pedals

Top blues guitarist Alan Nimmo talks exclusively to My Guitar Lessons about his Back line and effect pedals. See his set up and dial up his tones using this video. Keep logging into for more exclusive guitarist...

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Fast-track Your Musical Career With A Degree.

My Guitar Lessons have teamed up with the Academy Of Music to offer you a fast track to a BA(hons) in Performance Industries that will be approved by the University of Wolverhampton who will award your degree on completion. And the best...

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Alan Nimmo King King Guitars

Alan Nimmo – guitarist with the band King King, discusses 3 of his favourite guitars including his 2 Gibson Les Pauls and his Fender Telecaster. These are all far from stock guitars and Alan explains how he came to own such amazing models and how he gets his signature blues/rock sound. More...

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King King’s Tour 2017 Exclusive Video

King King’s Alan Nimmo talks exclusively to us about their Live 2017. Dates  are in Norwich, Southampton, Aberdeen, Inverness, Glasgow, Bristol, Southend, Bury St Edmunds, London, Northampton, Nottingham, Newcastle, York, Nantwich, Sheffield, Corby, Tavistock, Wimbourne, Tavistock, Basingstoke,...

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Barre Chord Using 9th Notes

In our previous ‘open chord 9ths’ exercise we looked at how to ascertain the 9th note of a chord. This time we are going to look at how to do the same, but using a barre chord. Download the lesson for free here to see how thiis is done. For more guitar teachers lessons sign up at

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Alan Nimmo From King King With My Guitar Lessons

King King’s guitarist and singer Alan Nimmo talks to My Guitar Lessons about everything guitar including techniques he uses, song writing, his, guitars, effects and backline. He also has tips for guitarists on how to play better. Keep logging in for more information about King King Enjoy.

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Video – Thomas Blug Tells Us About His Blug AMP1

World renown guitarist Thomas Blug tells us all about the development, constructing and using his Blug AMP 1 and the remote pedal board at a live gig. See Thomas run through the amp and how best to use it. Many more Thomas Blug video’s to follow so keep logging on.


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