Guitar Tab For The Foo Fighters – Best of You.

Another classic tune from Dave Grohl and the Foo Fighters. Some great sounding chords here that are relatively easy to play. Here we have taken the main elements of Dave Grohls section on this track. You may need a distortion pedal to get the big overdriven guitar sound in the chorus. Good luck and...

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Learn To Play Misalou By Dick Dale – Tab For Guitar

Get ready for some fast alternate picking on this classic surfer song. We advise you pick nearer the bridge than normal for a more trebley sound. Listen to the song and you will hear that each note we have tabbed in picked several times, so the tab won’t tell you the picking, however we advise...

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Money Off For London Guitar Show

We have discounted tickets for this Years London Bass Guitar Show, taking place at Olympia, London 3rd – 4th March 2018. The show offers a range of features whether your a beginner or looking to expand your bass abilities. We run some great workshops and masterclasses which give visitors handy...

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School Music Teacher Wanted

We are currently looking for one of our tutors to teach in primary schools in Birmingham. The hours are Tuesdays and Thursdays 8:55-3:15. The rate of pay is £80 per day. If this is something you are interested in, we can give you some more information by emailing us at


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Guitar Teacher Work Available

My Guitar Lessons are helping to look for a guitar teacher for a school based in Suffolk. Its for after school sessions for 30 minutes per week 1 day a week, groups maybe with 3 to 4 children max for better learning. If this is something you could do can you let us know so we can pass on your details...

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Foo Fighters ‘Run’ Tabbed for guitar

We at My Guitar Lessons are BIG Foo Fighter fans and as you may know have tabbed out many of their top songs in the past. Well here is another. Heavy song from Dave Grohls ‘Foo Fighters’. Do remember there are 3 guitarists playing on the track so we have taken a generic main part for...

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Xmas Present – Slade Merry Christmas Everybody Guitar Music & Words

What better way to celebrate Christmas than to all sit around your turkey on Xmas Day and strike up a great festive song. And here’s one of the most well known of those Christmasy tunes from Slade – Merry Xmas Everyone. We have the guitar chords and the lyrics shown here so get the whole...

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Classic George Harrison Song Tabbed For You

George Harrison was the lead guitarist in The Beatles, however Eric Clapton played the solo on this amazing song. Really clever how it starts in a minor key and goes to a major in the chorus. Use the pinkie on the G note on the E string and the thumb on the F#.

Here’s the video we tabbed...

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Job For Music Journalist.

My Guitar Lessons arranges many interviews with well known rock/metal stars. We now have an opening for a  person who is passionate about musicianship and metal music to meet and interview these guys either face to face or online/phone to produce video interviews for our website. There’s no...

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My Guitar Lessons & The Musicians Union

The Musicians Union is a great resource for music teachers and musicians. We have a great relationship with them, particularly in their teaching section of their organisation. We shall be attending the music teachers quarterly meeting on 24th October and would like any feedback from our teachers about...

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Franz Ferdinand – Take Me Out Tabbed For Guitar

Take Me Out is a song from band Franz Ferdinand and was their only big hit but became an anthem with its tempo changes and great melody. This is a 2 guitar song – we have tabbed just one guitar, the lead singers and we took this version from the David Letterman USA show live performance, so...

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Play The Solo From Hysteria From Muse

We have been busy tabbing out the guitar solo from Matt Bellamys solo from Hysteria by Muse. Hopefully you have been taught the verse and chorus section from this song. Now its on to the solo. There’s lots of...

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Hysteria by Muse, Matt Bellemys Guitar Tab

Great rock song from the band Muse tabbed out on guitar for you. We advise listening to the song if your not familiar with it. To start the song place the edge of the pick on the 3rd fret of the low E, pressing it into the fretboard to generate a G note and move it across the string, then slide up...

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Are you Gonna Be My Girl – Jet Tabbed For Guitar

Great bluesy rock track from Jet. Its very rhythmic, so listen to the song a few times to get the timing right. There is lots of space for the vocals which is always a great thing to do in any song. The chords, particularly the A barre chord doesn’t need to be played in full, concentrate more...

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Bohemium Like You – Dandy Warhols guitar tab

Easy song to play, using barre chords and moving your pinkie within it. The Dandy Warhols where an Indie band from the 90’s and this is there only hit, but its a great song. If your unfamiliar with this very popular song give it a listen on You Tube first of all.

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