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10% off for our guitar teachers and their pupils.

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There are many factors that help Guitarists improve, probably the two most important ones are a good teacher and hours of practice. Although further down the list, a good quality Guitar Pick can also really help with grip, finger position, tone, speed and accuracy. At Timber Tones they have the largest selection of ‘Luxury’ Guitar picks in the world, all manufactured from eco sourced natural materials. Well over 200 different Picks in various shapes and materials.

To say a big thank you to My Guitar Lessons  teachers everywhere and to encourage more pupils to consider the benefits of a really good Guitar Pick, Timber Tones are offering 10% off everything on our web shop to both you and your pupils.

All you need to do is enter the promo code TEACH10 at their check out and their web shop will do the rest. Just go to

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