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Advanced Arpeggio’s

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Learn to play advanced arpeggio’s ala Yngwie Malmasteen and Zak Wild with our FREE lesson guide.

If you’re playing rock/heavy metal guitar, and you have an ambition to blaze out insane guitar solos, at some point you’re going to come across sweep arpeggios. An arpeggio is quite simple – to play one, what you’re going to do is play every note of the chord, one after the other – rather than all at the same time. If anyone ever tells you that an arpeggio is ‘every other note of the scale’, they’re wrong! On a guitar, they’re usually referred to as ‘sweep’ arpeggios, because you’re going to have to get used to a new technique if you’re going to play them – “sweep picking”, which is basically a technique whereby rather than pick every note, you’re going to ‘sweep’ the pick through the notes you’re playing (and across the strings) kinda like you’re strumming a chord, slowly.

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