Beginners Guitar Guide by Ibanez UK and My Guitar Lessons

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Ibanez UK and My Guitar Lessons have teamed up to provide you with a beginners buyers guide to guitars. We all know it can be quite a daunting process when you start looking into buying your first guitar, that’s why the team here at My Guitar Lessons have asked the wonderful staff at Ibanez UK to select their top three guitars that would ideally suit the first time player.


Electric Guitar – GAX30-TR

Great for beginners as it has an easy to use bridge system (some higher end Ibanez guitars have complex tremolo systems), plays very well and has a fantastic neck, that makes learning the guitar a lot easier. The GAX30 also has a very low RRP for the price, so is very accessible for the younger player or beginner who doesn’t want to pay a lot for a guitar to learn on.View full specifications here Ibanez GAX30-TR


Bass Guitar – GSR180-BK


These basses are great budget end basses, as with the above, great for people just learning to play the bass. The neck is amazing on these too, with a real thin 41mm neck at the nut (thinner than most electric guitars!). Simple controls allow the player to easily alter their sound. Also comes in at the budget end, so great for the younger player (along with the thinner neck, for smaller hands). Comes in 2 colours. View full specifications here Ibanez GSR180-BK


Acoustic Guitar – V50NJP-NT


An all in one acoustic guitar pack. Again, these models play fantastically well out of the box and come with every accessory that any beginner requires. These packs are also fantastic value for money and again, easily accessible (price wise) for the younger guitarist. View full specifications here Ibanez V50NJP-NT

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