Pentatonic exercise

Guitar Lessons on 3 Note Per String Pentatonics.

I have the perfect thing for you! It’s called ’3 Note Per String Pentatonics.’  Instead of just running up and down the usual patterns like normal, you play 3 notes on each string, so in effect you’re passing through 2 patterns on each string and combining all 5 patterns into 1 long shape covering most of the neck. Check out this exercise…

This particular shape, is based around the A minor pentatonic. So, when you play the first note in the pattern which is the open E string you’re effectively starting in pattern 4 of the Am Pentatonic. Then when you play the 3rd and 5th fret, you’re moving from pattern 4 into 5! If you don’t know all 5 of your pentatonic shapes, you’re not gonna be able to use this, so make sure you’ve nailed those first!

If you find this confusing, check out this neck diagram for a more visual way of understanding this. The notes that are blue match up to the ones in the tab.

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