I Feel Fine - The Beatles

Guitar Tab To ‘I Feel Fine’ by The Beatles For Your Students

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One of the more tricky licks that the Beatles wrote. The intro is based around a D, C and G barre chord, so best to start in a barre chord position and use the pinkie to fill in the additional notes. If you would like more great tab to teach your guitar students just visit HERE to sign up.

Lennon wrote the guitar riff while in the studio recording “Eight Days a Week”. “I wrote ‘I Feel Fine’ around that riff going on in the background,” he recalled. “I told them I’d write a song specially for the riff. So they said, ‘Yes. You go away and do that,’ knowing that we’d almost finished the album Beatles for Sale. Anyway, going into the studio one morning, I said to Ringo, ‘I’ve written this song but it’s lousy.’ But we tried it, complete with riff, and it sounded like an A side, so we decided to release it just like that.” George Harrison said that Lennon’s riff was influenced by a riff in “Watch Your Step”, a 1961 release written and performed by Bobby Parker and covered by the Beatles in concerts during 1961 and 1962.

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