Guitar Teacher From My Guitar Lessons

Guitar Teacher Warm Up Exercise.

We would like to thank My Guitar Lessons teacher Vince Palmer for this great warm up piece that he has tabbed out and also made a video for you to show you how to teach it to your guitar students. Vince from Kings Lynn in Norfolk has been with us for 3 Years and has attended the Merseyside Guitar Show as a guitar teacher with My Guitar Lessons giving other tutors hints and tips on attaining more pupils.

Vince says “I came up with this study after getting fed up picking 1234 exercises and longed for something more musical. I also so wanted something to play that was not too difficult and could be used as a warm up exercise/piece. It is in a neo-classical style and has been influence by the likes of Randy Rhoads, Steve Vai and some classical guitar pieces I have played. It is made up of arpeggios and the harmonic minor scale in the key of A minor.”

Here is Vince’s tab and video. Thanks;

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