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How do you know if you are succeeding as a guitar teacher?

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In a survey conducted in the UK 93% of car drivers felt they were above average as a driver. What the study reveals is that most people believe they are better than they actually are in many areas of life. This often leads to blame shifting. In other words we blame other people or outside forces for our failings yet take credit for our success. When we don’t accept responsibility we tend to keep making the same mistakes.

For our purposes one of the best ways I found for getting a sense of how good you really are is to measure your actual position in terms of being above or below average as a guitar teacher (which is not to be confused with success as an entrepreneur which we will explain shortly).

We use the following; To be above average 80% or more of your students must be with you for at least 1 year and
will have done an average of 15 to 30 minutes (depending on age) per day practice. That’s it. Why at least 1 year?

Because it is unlikely you will enroll a student who exhausts your program and own level of guitar skill in less than a year. Why am I saying practice rather than results? The are a few reasons. First results will vary from student to student and can be hard to measure where as practice is measurable and shows a student’s commitment to you and your program. Second, practice is a good indicator of whether or not a student will eventually succeed.

Generally students with low amounts of practice make slow progress, become frustrated or bored and quit. Students who practice consistently will get there in the end even of their initial progress is slow. Third, student practice is a good measure of teacher influence. The best teachers rarely have issues with their students practicing because their students are loyal and eager to follow their teacher’s instructions. So how do you rate? Are 80% of your students still with you after one year? Are your students practicing on a consistent daily basis?

Be honest with yourself and make sure you include all those past students who dropped out in the last 12 months. Not just the ones who are enrolled with you now. And if you need expert help just apply to join us HERE.

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