What you need to take to a guitar lesson

Is This The Best Rig For A Mobile Guitar Tutor ?

Here at My Guitar Lessons, lots of our guitar teachers travel to you, to teach their students in the comfort of their own home. However what is the best equipment for a tutor to take to a guitar lesson that isn’t going to be unreasonably large or bulky. We put that question to pro guitar teacher Gerry Malloy from Manchester and this is what he said:

‘When I began teaching guitar I used to trek round in my trusted yellow beetle carrying my Fender Pro Reverb amp and a Gibson
Les Paul to all my pupils. Wow that amp is really heavy and I still have it.

Over the years I have somewhat lightened my load. With having to walk miles in schools to the music rooms, or from car parks to houses it makes sense. I now use a Pignose Travel Guitar which has a built in amp and distorts beautifully when turned up. Also if I need an amplifier I use my Blackstar Fly 3 Watt Mini Amp. This has clean channel and distortion with added delay. It will also play MP3s from the line in.

I also use my TC Electronic Clip Tuner. I have all my music on my iPhone and connect wirelessly to my generic boom box speaker. I also have an Audiostretch slow downer on my phone that enables me to loop and slow tracks down as well as moving the waveform back and forth to work out even the fastest Yngwie Malmsteen solo.

All easy to carry and doesn’t cost a fortune. How things have changed’.

For lessons with Gerry please go to his website at  www.myguitarlessons.co.uk/tutors/gerrymalloy

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