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Jim Hickey in association with DoubleSlashdesign.com is pleased to announce JamExam for iOS, and Android devices.

JamExam Website: http://www.JamExamApp.com

Jam Exam Premium gives you access to 186 (and counting) Lessons / Scales, split across 3 instruments. Jam Exam is a great learning tool for string Instrument players.

Jam Exam App includes Major (and the relative modes) Major Pentatonic, Minor Pentatonic, and Minor Blues with more scales being added all the time some free and some as in-app purchases.

Other user defined settings include: Left Handed Player Display on/off Display Intervals on/off. Audio on/off Set the duration/scroll of each screen.

The Jam Exam App is designed as a practice tool for Guitar, Bass and Ukulele players with more instruments to be added soon.

Exciting soloing and skilled improvisation requires the study of scales. Much more than one of the hundreds of “Scale Encyclopedias” available, Jam Exam presents the scales in a fun and exciting way.

Once the app is downloaded, the user can choose to either:

  • Manually scroll through each scale stopping on the scale position where they want to practice.
  • The user can set a timer that will count down to 0 and will automatically change the scale to another one.
  • The next scale will be in the same key but in a different position on the neck.

Working this way enables the musician to work on mechanics while training their ears, hands and eyes to the positions on the neck.

Each key has a unique backing track to play along with in a variety of styles, ideal for students and teachers of stringed instruments.


The Free Version of the App displays the scales in the key of C. Scales Available: Major (and the relative modes) Major Pentatonic, Minor Pentatonic, and Minor Blues with more scales being added all the time.

If you are studying stringed instruments either privately or on your own, you should find this app to be great value to your studies!


Feature Highlights:

  • Examples for Guitar, Bass, and Ukulele ( with more to be added in updates )
  • Tab Notation
  • Left Handed Tab Notation
  • Flip strings
  • Audio On/Off
  • Show Intervals
  • Automated Timed Loops
  • Fret Highlights and positional text


Device Requirements:

* Universal app (optimum resolution on all iOS devices)

* iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

* iOS 5.1 or later

* Android Phones or Tablets including B&N Nook, kindle Fire, and just about any others.

* Android 2.2 or higher


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“Jam Exam For Guitar How To Solo”


“Jam Exam App Getting Started”


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