Automatic Guitar Tuner Review

Review Of The Roadie Automatic Guitar Tuner

One of our guitar teachers, Gerry Malloy from Winslow in Cheshire has reviewed some guitar gear for us. Here are his thoughts on the new Roadie Guitar Tuner. “A few weeks ago I came across a YouTube video of an automatic guitar tuner called “Roadie Guitar Tuner” ( Having bought one from Amazon I was eager to try it out, although the instructions were in German !

I downloaded the software for my iPhone and began to try it. Each guitar that you tune has to be separately calibrated before a final tune. As a teacher this slows the tuning process down considerably. I teach some lessons for a 20 minute duration and this factor together with the tuners instability makes it not a viable proposition.

Having mastered its quirks it does work and has many many very clever features, any open tuning you like including custom tunings,
However I have had an auto tuner before and it was almost full proof. I would hand it to a variety of pupils who couldn’t tune by ear, and they could accurately tune their guitars in seconds.

My verdict is that my faithful “Polytune Clip” does the business quickly every time. I believe Steve Vai has one for every guitar he owns. Now that is a huge endorsement. Nice one Steve.

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