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Rotosound Guitar Strings Launch Foil Packs and Colour Ball Ends

My Guitar Lessons have been informed that British string manufacturer, Rotosound, will be  introducing their entire range of strings with NEW colour coded ball ends in NEW environmentally friendly airtight packaging, with NEW artwork.

These guitar strings have been and are used by Jimi Hendrix, Guthrie Govan, Ben Poole, John Entwistle from the Who and Jaco Pastorius to name a few.

The new innovative, air-tight packaging is made from foil. It provides an unparalleled moisture barrier ensuring strings will not tarnish or fade while in the packs keeping them factory fresh until ready for use. The stable environment provided by these new packets ensures that the guitar strings factory freshness is maintained until opened By eliminating the internal envelopes the packaging has also been reduced by 90% making the new packets incredibly eco-friendly.

All Rotosound guitar strings who are based in Sevenoaks in Kent now come with colour coded ball ends, and because they are British through and through they are Red White and Blue. The idea for the colour coding came from Kathy How, Production Director who suggested something that was instantly memorable throughout the world with many national flags incorporating these three colours. When you come to re-string your instrument all you have to remember is RWBRWB and it is done. The strings, still made at the Rotosound factory in the UK, retain their pure, typically British tone, providing exceptional sustain with clear bright sounds.

The new artwork on the string packs has been updated with a modern look, clean lines, bold colours and clear instructions. The design and feel of the packaging is a significant improvement, making them noticeably different, very recognisable and appealing.

The new coloured RWB ball ends, the new packaging and the new packet design elevate the Rotosound guitar strings to a new level. It characterises Rotosound’s continued commitment to the use of intelligent materials and systems and ensures strings reach musicians factory fresh and easy to use and are great for guitar teachers, teaching lessons to guitar students.

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