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Worlds Greatest Guitarists You Need To Hear

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Here’s a list of 10 Guitarists that you should really know about. We suggest you check them out. Still not fully appreciated Legends:

1. Guthrie Govan

This guy is quite possibly the best guitar player on the planet. Not only does he have perfect technique and control, he can play in almost any style and mimic any famous guitarist with ease.

2. Shawn Lane

One of the greatest guitar technician the world has ever seen. Unbelievable chops and a totally unique shred sound.

3. Stanley Jordan

A jazz maestro, famous for his two-handed tapping. Sometimes he wears and plays 2 guitars at the same time, or plays 2 unique guitar parts with different time signatures.

4. Roy Buchanan

One of the greatest blues guitarists ever. Pioneer of such tricks as artificial harmonics and volume swells, you haven’t lived until you’ve experienced his wailing guitar leads.

5. Pat Martino

Not to be confused with Pat Metheny (who’s also great)… Martino’s famous for his mega-slick and jazzy 16th note runs.

The up-and-coming legends:

6. Derryl Gabel

A jaw-dropping jazz-rock fusion player who’s been receiving acolades from the guitar world for over a decade.

7. Silvio Gazquez

A rising rock star from argentina. Virtuoso chops and killermelodic feel.

8. Sol Philcox

A young genius from the UK with chicken-picking licks that will have you licking your lips. We plan to capture his secrets soon as he grew up just down the road from My Guitar Lessons marketing office! One of our tutors actually taught Sol when he was younger!

9. Tom Quayle

Another British guitarist that is playing on a really high level. He’s got a great new sound and you’ll love listening to him play.

And last but not least:

10. Peter Green

Possibly the greatest British electric blues player, starting out with John Mayal and starting the band Fleetwood Mac up. We love his major to minor pentatonic genius.

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