How do I make my guitar sound good?

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Well here’s ‘My Guitar Lessons’ free definitive guide on all things related to making your guitar sound as good as possible.

It doesn’t matter how well you can play if your guitar sounds horrible. You see this a surprising amount at gigs – the guitarist might actually be pretty good, but his tone will be vile and you either can’t make out what he’s playing or it just sounds nasty. Here’s some advice to getting a great guitar sound, and some of the common mistakes to avoid!

If you’re playing electric guitar, you’re going to want a decent amp. The amp you should get will depend entirely on the style of music you want to play – there’s no reason why you couldn’t use a super-gain Dimebag Darrell signature head to play 1930s jazz music but it might not be the first one you’d look at! Let’s take a look at things that are going to affect your sound.

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