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My Guitar Lessons have met some real rock guitar legends in the past and again we where lucky enough to meet another. Guitar rock guru Paul Gilbert came by to teach us some great songs and pieces. We have some of the lessons on our video page under ‘Resources’ and then ‘VIP Tutor’.

We showed you the first part of this lesson last Month so if you haven’t already seen it go back into the lesson resources and dig it out. Its called the pentatonic with the flattened F#. In this lesson Paul shows us how to change just one note in an A major pentatonic to have a totally unique sound to your playing. Its as simple as taking the A note in an A pentatonic and dropping it down a semi-tone to an G#. Simply stay with the major pentatonic when the rhythm sections in A but use the G# note when the rhythm changes to E (the 5th in the progression). There’s a few large stretches but its worth the pain. So give it a crack, it sounds fantastic.

Many more guitar lesson to come so keep logging on.

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